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Sorry, unfortunately, Nexus Terminal is no longer in our catalog because of its illegal activity.

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Publisher description

Nexus Terminal is a Telnet 3270/5250/VT/ANSI terminal emulator with support for recording, a script language, host print (both tn3270 (3287, Tn5250 (3812) and LPD), file transfer (IND$FILE), HLLAPI, SSH and SSL. Support for serial communication (RS232). A FTP/FTPS/SFTP client is also included, which has support for several host systems. It has more than a hundre script functions, which can be used to run dayly rutins and operations. Small, fast, stable, secure, optimal connectivity and a cost-effective mainframe application interface. Continuously updated with new features and protocol extensions and customers in 61 countries.

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Nexus Terminal screenshot